Lisa Mongelli is a Holistic Life Coach, Psychological Intuitive and Psychic Medium. With over twenty years of experience in the field of Holistic Coaching, Lisa has counseled and assisted people from all walks of life. Lisa’s uncanny gift for pinpointing her client’s hidden trauma has helped many understand their core issues. With knowledge of self always comes the power to heal one’s life.

Lisa offers personalized coaching sessions; Holistic Coaching aids individuals in bringing about a shift in their awareness enabling them to move past life problems and trauma. Lisa assists her clients with the inner journey facilitating clarity and the ultimate healing of core issues.
An experienced Couples Counsellor Lisa assists couples in restoring communication and intimacy through teaching conscious partnering.

Lisa offers Family and Grief Counselling helping families through the loss of a loved one or assisting families to deal with drug or alcohol addiction.
Specialising in The Law of Intention she offers self-help courses to individuals and groups.