Numerology is an ancient language, Mystics and Metaphysicians since time immemorial have used it to envisage a person’s life path, and foresee the past, present and future through the discernment and knowledge of numbers. In combining a client’s name and birthday I am able to give a more accurate analysis of this person’s life path and what the future holds for them.

Numbers give us a deeper look into our character, and the reasons we have chosen our current identity, family and even our profession. A Number Profile can solve the Mystery of your Life Experience and shed light on the Great Question why have I chosen this experience. As we step forward in spiritual cordiality and embrace the mystical art and practice of numerology we assist ourselves in healing through Divine knowledge.

If you are interested in a Number Profile please do contact me I would be happy to assist you in this. If you wish to understand yourself and the Karmic Path your soul has chosen for you knowing yourself numerically is of great benefit.