Trans-Tappingā„¢ Facilitation

Trans-Tappingā„¢ is a healing modality that I developed in 2018 it is a New Age therapy combining Deep Trans Work and Tapping. Trans-Tappingā„¢ reaches the subconscious mind giving the client an opportunity to overcome outdated programming that no longer serves the individual. Trans-Tappingā„¢ lays the foundation for a new program by activating neuro-pathways that create and manifest material reality through positive thought and Power Affirmations.Ā 

We are creators but most people never realize the magnitude of their own mental and spiritual power. Most of us create our adult reality by the programming set down for us in childhood. Unaware we repeat mental patterns through the power of thought materializing a life that often no longer serves to give us the best result. This can leave an individual feeling stuck and powerless for years.

Trans-Tappingā„¢ gives one the possibility to create life consciously. You in end effect create and change your life with your thoughts. When the deep-trans state has been established Power Affirmations are then introduced to the client with tapping. This sets in place and initiates a new way of thinking that enables the client to ultimately create a new mental program and vibrate on a positive frequency attracting a better life. With the Trans-Tappingā„¢ modality the client attracts the possibility of achieving a healthier more abundant life through a conscious shift in awareness and positive intention.Ā 

This modality assists with depression, complex-trauma, anxiety and phobias. Trans-Tappingā„¢ also facilitates forward movement when the client is feeling blocked by life and fearful. Many of my clients speak to me about a feeling of upliftment and freedom after a session.Ā Ā 

Trans-Tappingā„¢ facilitation is available with me in a face to face Session or on line.