Life’s Little Miracles

Most of us have absolutely no idea how to allow Joy into our lives. Tapping into the Joy of life seems like a fairy tale for most, because, let’s face it very few people are content with their lot in Life. We constantly want more and better from the Universe, and most of the time we are never grateful for what we already have. We externalize our hopes, wishes and dreams thinking Joy is something outside ourselves; we want a new car a new relationship a new house, then when these things fail to give us the joy we expect we become discouraged, depressed and even angry. Many of us go a life time and never understand that the pursuit of Happiness begins with connecting to the Joy within.

“Joy and happiness come from within you”

Every Great Master that ever lived has taught the same thing “Joy and happiness come from within you”. The way to a happy life begins with inner joy. True happiness begins with the conscious awareness that Gratitude attracts the vibration of joy, and brings in more of the good things we want in life. When we carry joy within, and live in gratitude the Universe is able to manifest those little miracles we all so desperately desire. The questions here are, do you feel Loving and Grateful? And, lastly are you thankful for what God has already given you?

When you see yourself as a victim, living in an unfair and difficult world, facing life head on and living in the present can be difficult. Harnessing the power of your thoughts is a daunting concept for most of us, but living in the moment with focused intention is the only way to create and actualize a better life narrative.

The Law of Attraction is always working whether we want to believe it or not. The truth is we live in a Universe that is in a constant state of motion and manifestation. We as the human race are part of that creative process, we are part of and we are living in that continual motion. As a part of God force we create our lives with our thoughts, and the feelings connected to those thoughts. The law of attraction states that whatever thoughts you are holding in your mind you are attracting to you. The relevant questions here are what are you thinking? What are you feeling, and what are you attracted to?

When your thoughts and feelings continually focus on what you don’t want you will surely attract more of the same. The problem with most of us is we are constantly thinking about what we don’t want and get confused and upset when it keeps showing up. We express this generally through Worry! Oh I’m worried about money or my child or my job or my fill in the blank. Actually there is nothing noble about worry. Constant worry will kill your Joy and do nothing, but create harmful stress on your mind and body. Worry is the most negative of emotions it projects one into the absolute worst case scenario; the constant state of worry can manifest illness, depression, even accident, and death I have seen it.

Never allow negative thinking to overtake you no matter how difficult the circumstances keep a good thought. The most important is to see yourself with the good you deserve believe it’s possible, and have faith that the benevolence of Creation wants only your Highest Good.

The Law of Attraction states what you think and feel you attract. One of the most important guidelines to knowing what you are attracting into your life is your emotions. Feeling good keeping a good thought and allowing joy to come into your life is so important. When you speak about your life, and yourself, do so in a positive, loving context; be kind when you speak about yourself and others, words have power they set the tone of your intention, and your whole reality.

Attracting what you want materializes through the power of your intention and feelings, it is important to choose to feel good. Learning to adjust your thoughts and actions to a positive mindset isn’t always easy. Let’s face it we all get up on the wrong side of the bed occasionally and everything seems to be wrong. The point is making an effort to feel joyful in spite of it can keep that early morning glitch from ruining your whole day. This is where choice comes in, a shift in your awareness can uplift you into a positive mindset, and the catastrophe that began your day ends up just a minor hiccup. Allowing the Universe to give you what you want isn’t always easy it comes down to self worth.

Putting the brakes on a negative way of thinking can be difficult especially when life’s circumstances don’t change quickly enough; it can be overwhelming. At this juncture it is important to realize change always comes about with time. Allowing yourself to feel joy and gratitude expedites the process of change and gives Creation a hand in helping you create that Abundant Life you deserve.

Choose to believe in the miracle of life, it holds the promise of tomorrow.

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