Going With the Flow

The deepest most intimate part of you always knows exactly what you want from life. To delve deep within is never easy, but there are rich rewards in knowing yourself. Self knowledge gives us the possibility to find our own natural flow. Flowing with life assists and supports us in walking our destined path while on this earth. The inner journey that leads to self knowledge can be a lonely road because so few of us choose to walk it; but when one decides to walk this road of inner exploration it is the most powerful tool for implementing life change there will ever be. When we take time to become acquainted and make friends with our innermost self something miraculous happens within us.

The constraints of the past fall away and we are presented with the possibility of becoming a completely integrated individual. This gives us the opportunity to alter our perception of life through the power of positive thought. This simply put means rather than living life unconsciously we become conscious creators of our own lives through mindfulness. When we live life through a Divine sense of Mindfulness we are then no longer minor players in the game of life we become major players. This approach to living gives us the possibility to excel and reach our highest potential.   

“What you think about most…you create!”

What you think about most you create. Those who live in the moment with a positive mind set and life orientation tend to have positive successful lives. These people flow with life rather than fight it. Bad things happen to good people; but when challenges are presented to these people they are inclined to move away from resistance, and adopt a philosophical point of view; they get on with life in the most constructive and productive way they can. These people have a robust sense of self and a positive attitude toward life. I have seen people such as these in all walks of life and in all circumstances. These individuals find the good in life and live everyday to the fullest. Their lives are an example to all of us on how to see the Beauty of Life no matter what may come to pass.

 When we are able to make friends with ourselves, and embrace the shadow within the opportunity for self healing becomes a reality. A negative self image is characteristic of an unconscious program that no longer serves the best interest of the individual.  Self image problems generally start with childhood wounding. All of us on this earth have been wounded, it is in our hands whether we walk a lifetime with that wound or heal it; it is these unhealed wounds and traumas that spiritually and psychologically bog us down keeping us from realising the abundant life we truly want. When we change negative programming we change the frequency on which we resonate; with this shift in frequency or vibration we attract healing, and assistance that brings positive life change.

How is this possible? How do I begin the inner journey? Firstly meditation and prayer are an essential part of the inner journey. Becoming in touch with the spiritual side of life in my opinion is the only way to higher understanding and healing. Alternative therapies such as Reike, Kinesiology, Craneo Sacral Therapy and Hypnotherapy can assist one in spiritual development and healing. All these alternative therapies are available here in eSwatini with compassionate experienced practitioners. 

 The soul is our life force which was made in the image of God created by his divine love. The Universe is made of positive and negative, light and shadow as are we all.  The key to balance, inner joy and healing comes with the acceptance and the willingness to embrace all we are as the human race. Acceptance of the shadow within enables us to achieve true healing through divine love.

The Universe will always conspire to give you your heart’s desire providing you are willing to give it to yourself. Self image and self worth walk hand in hand they are brothers. Believe in yourself have faith in your life and its possibilities. Let us celebrate, and accept all of God’s divine blessings that in so doing we make our World a happier, healthier and more peaceful place for all of Creation.

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