The Philosophy of Self Love

As we face three more weeks of lockdown with many parts of the World in a state of chaos fighting covid-19 most of us find ourselves turning to introspection. Without the busy routine of a work life or social life turning inward for most of us is a natural course, we begin to wonder about the meaning of life not in just a philosophical sense but in the most tangible sense humanly possible life and death. Most of us in a time of limited physical freedom will look within to broaden and expand our personal Universe. When the existential questions of who am I, what is love, and what is self love come to the fore we find ourselves being propelled closer to self realization, through self exploration  therefore giving us the opportunity to attain  a higher level of consciousness.

Let us address the philosophy of self love.  I believe most people think that self love is some esoteric ideology practiced by self help Gurus who preach impossible ideals and have no clue about real life.  Is self love, actually something attainable for all of us and if so what is it, really?  

 Are you caught in a cycle of guilt over past events you have no power to change? Is this affecting your capacity to love yourself and those around you? Are you allowing guilt to consume you? If you are allowing guilt to consume you then it’s time you reassess where you are spending your precious life force and redirect it into creating the life you want. Guilt is a terrible waste of energy and the most painful of emotions. The Sleepless nights and nightmares that slam you back into the past causing stress on your mental and emotional health is a destructive cycle of self victimization. This behaviour puts tremendous strain on one’s psychology causing exhaustion, depression and ultimately physical illness.

What does Self Love actually mean?

What does Self Love actually mean? Self love has a great deal to do with self acceptance self compassion and lastly self forgiveness. When we demonstrate the capability to show compassion for ourselves and others, when we work with our deep grief and set about to heal, then I believe we are beginning to grasp the meaning of self love. 

The need for self respect and self care is so essential for each of us yet when people have a low sense of self esteem they tend to neglect and ignore themselves. Often these individuals diminish their own worth in service of others by taking a stance of lesser importance. They sit themselves on the back burner paying no attention to their own needs. People who choose to dismiss their own values are often too bound in pleasing family, friends, and society. These self sacrificing individuals find it difficult to see clearly what is essential for their own happiness. They forego the idea of their own higher good and continue to create and attract a life that is unsuitable for their own personal and spiritual benefit. The truth is where there is a life devoid of self love and respect there can be little or no good in it. This type of existence is destructive in all its points.

Rising above the old hurts and injuries of the past is never easy, but with the desire and willingness to heal anything is possible. The truth is when you can embrace and forgive your enemy you are one step closer to self love. When Christ said, “love those who despitefully use you,” what he was clearly saying is, that which is in your brother is also in you; therefore love that part of you that is in him. 

What mankind is capable of inflicting against his fellows has never gone unmentioned, there are libraries full of the history of Man the creator /destroyer and all he has done to himself as a species. What Christ was clearly saying is forgive and love your brother should he do you an injury, for you are potentially capable of returning that very injury in kind. Forgiveness is definitely a higher form of love because its source springs from Divine Compassion.

I believe compassion to be the highest form of love. Compassion makes heroes of us all, what would compel an ordinary man to risk his life to save a fellow soldier in battle? Clearly it is compassion. What will compel people to travel hundreds of miles and risk their lives to save three baby chimpanzees? It is compassion absolutely! When we cultivate the capacity to show compassion for our fellow creatures we nurture the energy that returns it to us through divine order. This of course begins with the children. Are you teaching your children compassion for his fellow creatures and himself? 

Self love is self worth, self respect, and self preservation. How do you value yourself? How do you define yourself as a human being?  Can you appreciate and understand that your own personal happiness is of paramount importance in this life, because without it you can never cultivate and foster a healthy relationship with anyone. We all come to this earth for the gratification and the edification of our souls. No one who walks this earth is more important to you than yourself; when you learn to love yourself you attain a true understanding of Higher Love.

 Earthly happiness is certainly attainable; it begins with the willingness to embrace all parts of who you are with compassion and understanding. Self love is the gift we give to ourselves it connects us with the God force within. The higher frequency of self love gives us the possibility to manifest all our earthly desires and through self confidence achieve more than we could possibly dream. Self love truly is the greatest love of all.

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