Living For Today

As I look back over my life story it is plainly evident to me that the Universe always sought to provide me with a first-rate life. I however questioned my worth and was unable to receive it. With my value in question, I was never able to excel or achieve the best for myself. I questioned my worth doubted and disliked myself sending out negative vibrations and attracting back more of the same. I felt victimized by my childhood, my parents and life in general to be completely honest. I felt guilty for the anger I harboured toward my parents, and I blamed myself for being stupid, ineffectual, and erratic, I was clinically depressed and in deep despair. I do not believe I have ever met anyone who was a bigger victim than I was.

This negative state of being kept me from living in the present I was too unhappy with the life I had created, as a result, I was constantly projecting myself into a future that never came, always looking for something better, never living in the moment never really living. I wasted years of my life on a mental treadmill watching life go by and dreaming about things that would never happen. I couldn’t see the good in the present because I was too deeply immersed in my own misery. 

I was resonating on such a low frequency the Universe simply could not give me all the good things that I so desperately wanted and deserved. What was best for me became contaminated with feelings of depression, worthlessness and despair. So no matter what good I projected into the future for myself it always eluded me. Why? Because the negativity I was living out in the present day overshadowed any other possibility. 

It is only when I changed my attitude toward myself and the present that my life really began to change. When I found compassion for myself and Gratitude for my life, then and only then did my life pivot and move into a positive direction. I finally began to see light for the first time in what had formally been a very dark place. 

I came into this world like so many of us under a cloud of fear and negativity simply because my parents believed in hardship and lack. No matter how good things were, there was always something wrong, and if it wasn’t they would make it so with their constant state of fear and pessimism. My father was obsessed with money and poverty. He eventually lost everything in a constant drain of bad investments and gambling losses. His belief that he was undeserving set an unconscious intention for his life that was so deeply ingrained within him he simply could not escape it. My Father is one of the so many people living out this kind of reality.

If you feel unworthy of Universal Abundance you can never have it.

What is your frequency how are you vibrating? Are you resonating with a victim mentality or are you vibrating with abundance?

It was only after I learned about the law of attraction that my circumstances really began to slowly transform. I had been a victim all my life projecting blame outwardly. It was second nature for me to blame someone else for my suffering it was what my parents taught me. My parents taught me what their parents had taught them, we are all victims of circumstance. Nothing was in my hands I carried no responsibility. The greater power controlled everything and this strange fickle power deemed who would be lucky and who not. 

Then one day I watched The Secret. The truth is I still do not remember to this day how I came by that movie. After watching The Secret my mind opened to something I never knew existed, Personal Power. I was then seized by the undeniable truth that I was responsible for myself, my life and all that was in it, success or failure it was in my hands. I could actually change my life by changing the way I think.  

When the realization struck me that my thoughts were creating my life, and I was responsible for myself and virtually everything in it, I then began to study the Law of Attraction. Through my study, I slowly began to comprehend that I am a creative being. When my thoughts changed my frequency changed, and with that, I began to attract a better life story. 

Every thought you think “Creates your Life.” 

I discovered what you think you create, what you think you become. Everything in this Universe operates by this law, just like gravity, this Universe has laws and we are part of those laws, part of the process that created all things. If you don’t understand the Law of Attraction, don’t discard it. Challenge yourself, read about the Law of Attraction, watch films, inform yourself. Open your mind to the possibility that you are a powerful being created in the likeness of a Powerful Benevolent God; because whether you believe it or not every thought you think “Creates your Life.” 

The Universe wants one thing, that mankind should live in abundance and well being. Allow yourself to live in the Joy of life go with the divine flow. Remember the Universe will always give you the best life you are prepared to give yourself. Keep a good thought, and above all else Choose to be Happy.

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