Our Glorious Blue Planet

The true measure of any person is the ability to interact with all God’s creatures in compassion, understanding and kindness, for through these acts of kindness the spirit of generosity is returned in kind through Divine order. The necessary interconnection between man and animals is essential to preserve our planet. Nature holds itself in a delicate balance, but when disrupted without thought, the consequences can lead to a break down in our ecology, and heartbreaking carnage.  

We are all one! Our small blue planet, glorious in its countenance, was created by a benevolent power that gave life to all who inhabit it, yet we as man have the strange belief it is preordained that our planet will thrive without care, and survive without conservation. We ignore and refuse to recognize the fact that we are interconnected with all of creation on this planet, and when any living plant or animal becomes extinct through our misuse or exploitation we come one step closer to our own extinction. 

God gave man dominion over the earth…

God gave man dominion over the earth, what does that mean exactly Dominion?   Does it mean no matter what irrational destructive course we decide to follow on this planet men are entitled to do so because we are Human? Does it mean no matter what atrocities or acts of cruelty we perpetrate upon our own species or upon other species we are entitled to do so because we are Human? Are we given permission by some misconstrued Divine Decree to destroy as far as the eye can see because we are Human? Man walks upright and is made in the image and likeness of God so it is written in the scriptures, why is it then, that we as Humanity conduct ourselves in the most profoundly Ungodly manner? Have we not been given the Stewardship of our World to care for and protect this Earth and all of the other non-human species that inhabit our planet? Why then do we ignore nature in the most abdominal way? 

We fence the bush and the animals die of thirst because they cannot migrate to water. We steal the terrain from the Baboons to plant fir trees, and then shoot them declaring them vermin and a pest. We destroy the terrain of the Orangutan because we want palm oil for creamers in our coffee and margarine.  The Rhino have been slaughtered into near extinction, and those doing so feel they have the right! Why? Simply because they are Human and a species above all others! How many times have you heard it’s just an animal? Nature is being ravaged by cash driven enterprises like palm oil farming, and the slaughter of the Orangutan is being ignored in the pursuit of commercial opportunities. 

We capture and imprison the Orca (killer Whale) in aquatic tanks so they can perform “Water Acrobatics” for the general public. Oceanic amusement parks like Sea World demonstrate pitiless abuse of marine animals in a blatant disregard for their intelligence, and their overall physical and psychological well being. This heinous immoral practice is the business endeavor of evil people using sentient beings for profit and exploiting them with heartbreaking cruelty.  

The Orca and the Bottlenose Dolphin are born into evolved social structures where each Pod develops its own language and social behavior, yet they are captured and ripped away from their families forced into unnatural training made to perform tricks for food. They suffer years of confinement and cruel deprivation in the name of entertainment. Why are such atrocities allowed to be committed against our fellow non-humans? Why is it we do not have stronger anti-cruelty laws?

Marine Life is being exploited by the commercial fishing industry. As they continue to ignore nature the Oceans are suffering and slowly dying as they fish the seas dry. Their use of plastic nets and blatant defiance against preservation places the sea at high risk and threatens our very survival, for in truth, we as a species cannot survive without the Ocean. Sea lions and whales, sea turtles and sharks become entangled in plastic fishing tackle and die because rather than use our superior human brain to develop tackle that is unharmful we use plastic a slow agonizing deathtrap. 

The Bees are dying by the millions literally becoming extinct before our eyes, and yet we still do not outlaw the pesticides that kill them. The Bees play a crucial role in our survival they pollinate the plants that provide our food, and yet for the most part we ignore the carnage because we are content in the illusion of our immortality. We are lulled into a sense of false security by a life full of techno gadgets that steal our attention away from the Real issues. Can it be that we as the Human Race need to rethink our position in this world for the sake of our own survival? We need to wake up and realize that we are dependent on the health of our Earth and the creatures around us. We as Man need to embrace the fact that we are a small part of a much Bigger Story.

What can I do you ask? Make conservation a priority use less plastic use organic pesticides when and where you can.  Stop supporting water theme parks and circuses that exploit animals inform yourself become aware of what is happening around you.

If God is our Father than surely the Earth is our Mother, God created a Beautiful World full of splendor, colorful and diverse, rich in plant and animal life.  We as Humanity are under obligation to conserve this Planet so that future generations will see the Wonder of this World.  

Please remember without conservation the Beautiful nurturing Earth as we know her will only be a memory in time.

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