Life’s True Definition

Life is a creation and we the creators what you think you create what you intend you manifest whether it is conscious or unconscious. We define our lives by what we think and how we feel period, there are no exceptions. Most of us live our lives unconsciously creating our reality by default. Very often we attract or create that which is undesirable in our lives. We live with the resounding question, why is my life so hard? Most of us never grasp the reality that it is because we have made it so.

Are you aware enough to understand that life is what you make it? Every thought you think is a creation, every intention you set forth defines what your life will be, and no one else is responsible for you or what you ultimately become. The hard truth is the result of your life is primarily up to how you think about yourself and life in general. Some people are fatalistic and believe it is all fate or Karma but what is Karma? The Law of Karma simply put is Cause and Effect. Your intention and actions create residual energy of what you have intended with your thoughts be it now or from very long ago.

The soul does not define life as we do nor is it a respecter of any man-made timeline. The residual energy that you have created and not succeeded in working through, stays with you until the lesson is learned. Karma or fate is the consequence of thought and the intention behind that thought it is that simple. Your feelings and your thoughts create your intention and that defines your earthly life for better or worse.

When you meditate and pray do you ask for something positive yet harbour habitual negative thoughts? Ask yourself this, do you ask God for a loving partner, and yet hold chronic unloving thoughts and feelings toward yourself? Do you pray for your heart’s desire, and intrinsically believe you don’t deserve to have it? Do you want to be a happy and balanced person yet feel angry and depressed because you are holding resentment? Are you grateful? Are you thankful for what is positive in your life or are you constantly feeling hard done by because your neighbour has more than you?

When you can’t be grateful for what you have you will never attract more.

When you can’t be grateful for what you have you will never attract more. Why is that? To explain it simply, it is because gratitude invokes the power of prosperity and all its many blessings. When you constantly live in a spirit of ingratitude you will create more lack and loss in your life guaranteed. To cultivate an attitude of appreciation and enthusiasm about life is so important. When we live in gratitude we then see what a miraculous gift this human life can truly be.

Gratitude and a belief that you deserve what you are asking for is the first step to receiving it. When you question your worth and feel negative about your life you create more negativity. Wealth and abundance is not just referring to money. Wealth speaks of personal wealth, peace and a feeling of spiritual abundance. Your inner world always reflects itself outwardly life is internal. What you are thinking you are creating, and that reflects outwardly in your everyday life and your material circumstances.

Use the power of your mind…

Use the power of your mind to manifest a successful conclusion to your desires. Constantly thinking about what you don’t want manifests exactly that what you don’t want. When the power of thought enters the collective mind it affects the quantum field that is our Universe. It begins a chain reaction that gives you back more of the same. Thoughts have energy and the power of that energy ultimately determines what your life becomes. In reality, a positive thought takes a lot less energy to think than a negative thought, and positive thoughts always cancel out the negative intention. So keep a good thought, you may not always have control over what life dishes out to you, but you do have a choice in how you decide to deal with life’s challenges. Will you choose a positive stance or a negative one? In the end, attitude is everything, and it is your decision how you react to and deal with your life circumstances.

Understanding the creative power of your mind and how your emotions fuel your thoughts is so vital. Feelings of optimism and positive thoughts create a better you and a better earthly reality. This is because the intention you create with positive feelings circulates and Creation sends you back more of the same. Feeling good is so important, choose to keep a good thought by choosing to feel good you lighten your life. By resolving to cultivate love and goodwill, you rally against the destructive pattern of anger and resentment. When you decide to free your psyche of these heavy emotional chains you give yourself the opportunity to heal past injuries and create a better life story.

In choosing to feel good you reward yourself with the gift of Happiness in choosing to be Grateful you reward yourself with the life you so deeply desire and deserve. You are Gods magnificent creation his highest expression. Believe in yourself believe in the divine benevolent power that created you and always remember that life was meant to be abundant. Abundance is the promise set forth and given to us by the Creator. Have faith in this promise embrace it as a holy truth that it may sustain and uplift you.

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