Finding the Rainbow

When you wake up in the morning do you meet the day with a smile and optimism? Do you believe you are capable of finding the Rainbow of true happiness and success in your life? The idea of being happy all the time may seem like a fairytale, but honestly, the people who actually live in the magic of life are pretty much just that happy most of the time. When these individuals are presented with obstacles they focus on the positive, and work with life’s challenges in a constructive way. They realize challenges are there to be met, and by focusing on the positive they meet the challenge and achieve the best possible outcome.

People who live in the appreciation of Life cultivate an attitude that results in an overall feeling of contentment they choose to be Happy.  Happiness and a feeling of well being have everything to do with attitude and choice. Those who choose to see the sunnier side of life aren’t different from anyone else they simply choose their thoughts and focus them in such a way that they receive the gift of overall well being. 

Those people who choose to go with the natural flow of life have cultivated a habitual way of being it is not a one-time event it is a way of life. To understand Creation is to understand the divine natural flow.  The Universe creates and sustains itself when with creative power and when left to its own natural process it does so with little or no effort. We are a part of that creative process our lives were never meant to be as hard or as difficult as we make them. In choosing the right attitude we embrace a way of life that brings us into Divine flow and this enables us to become co-creators with the Universe. 

We are all working with one infinite power and that power is Creation. When we learn to direct our thoughts with a good feeling and optimism the scenario of life can become truly magical. Positively affirming what you want through conscious intention brings us once again to the Universal law of attraction and the power of thought. 

Life is internal it begins and ends with what is inside of you there is no exception.

We are all working with this same Law Attraction and regardless of whether we believe it or not it is always working. The Universe is responding to the vibrational frequency of your feelings and your thoughts. Your thoughts and feelings are the very things that attract your Life circumstances. Life is internal it begins and ends with what is inside of you there is no exception. We manifest outwardly what we are intending and attracting inwardly. In this regard, God has truly created “All men Equal”. What you think about most you become what you think about most creates your life. And the more passionately you focus on something the faster it happens, whether it is something you want or not.

Your feelings are a good indication of what you are in the process of attracting into your life. When you look at the people around you it becomes evident what is predominately in their thoughts.  Those with a positive Life orientation attract The Good things, success both personally and financially, robust health, loving relationships just generally life to be envied.

Those with a negative Life orientation tend to attract illness, debt, loneliness and a job or career they dislike. People with a negative mindset generally feel victimized by their circumstances and are generally completely blind to the fact that their feelings and attitude have created it all.  I cannot impress upon you enough what you think about most you manifest there is absolutely no exception this is true for every person every single time. The veracity of that statement may boggle your mind but it is a Universal truth. Thoughts have power thoughts have energy our thoughts are directly connected to Creation through the integral power we share with God Source. Our reality is of our own manifestation whether we want to believe it or not. Most of us are too afraid to come to terms with the idea that we are creating life as we are living it. 

Joy is the only gateway.

How does the song go? If happy little bluebirds fly beyond the rainbow why oh why can’t I? Well, you can create your rainbows and fly beyond them. It takes faith, desire and a deep belief that you deserve all of life’s abundance.  Remember to keep a good thought strive to be Happy and above all enjoy your Life. Joy is the gateway, it brings us into alignment with all the good things in life that we desire and so completely deserve.

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