Overcoming COVID-19

No matter where you come from or who you are, the Universal Law of Attraction states; what you think about most you attract, and what you think about most you become. To cultivate appreciation and a positive mindset is the beginning of attracting and achieving what you want in this life no matter what it may be, when you think correctly you can make the impossible, possible.

In this time of the COVID-19 crisis we see world wide the devastating effect the lock down is having on humanity at large. Do you feel at times overcoming the COVID-19 lock-down may be impossible for you? How are you thinking? What are you manifesting? Now more than ever in this time of the COVID-19 pandemic it is important to keep your thinking on a frequency of appreciation and gratitude. Falling into a dark abyss of depression will only debilitate you emotionally, and make it harder for you to rise above the restrictions of this time.

How are you thinking? Freedom of the mind is freedom, by right thinking you are choosing to vibrate in the frequency of divine love, and inner strength. Success or failure all has to do with the way you think, and your attitude about yourself and your life. Positive thinking is the gateway to success, when you can be grateful for the little things you attract and create bigger opportunity.

Positive thinking is the gateway to success

How is your attitude when it comes to your life? When you wake up in the morning do you meet the day with a smile and optimism, or do you just want to pull the covers over your head and go back to sleep. The idea of being Grateful all the time may seem like a one dimensional concept best left to a Jane Austin novel, but honestly the people who live in the divine flow of life are pretty much just that, Grateful all the time. If they are presented with obstacles they focus on the positive, and work with life’s challenges in a constructive way. These people meet life challenges, and find solutions
through focusing on the best outcome possible.

People who live in the appreciation and gratitude of Life cultivate an attitude that results in an overall feeling of happiness and contentment. They choose to be Happy! Happiness and a feeling of well being, has everything to do with attitude and choice. Those people who choose to see the sunny side of life aren’t different from anyone else who walks this planet. They choose their thoughts and focus on the positive. Those people who think positive immerse themselves in the divine flow of life. These individuals have cultivated a habitual way of being it is a way of life.

To understand what I mean by divine flow is simply this, the Universe creates and sustains itself with zero effort. We are part of that creative process and our lives were never meant to be as hard or as difficult as we make them. In choosing the right attitude we choose a course of life that brings us into the natural creative flow of all things and we become part of that, we join with, and become source. We are all working with one infinite power that power is Creation.

When we learn to direct our thoughts with good feeling and optimism the scenario of life can become truly magical. Positive affirmation where the paradigm of life is lived with conscious intention brings us once again to the Universal law of attraction. What are you intending what are you attracting?
We are all working with this same law Attraction, and whether we believe or understand it creation is always working always moving.

In reality your attitude is the very thing that attracts or pulls in your circumstances. Life is internal it begins and ends with how you think, and what is inside of you no exceptions. In this regard God has truly created “All men Equal”. What you think about most you become, what you think about most creates your life, and no one else is responsible for your Happiness, only you.

Your feelings are a good indication of what you are in the process of attracting into your life. To embrace an attitude of gratitude and appreciation for all that God has given you is definitely to manifest a Happier, more Abundant Life. Positive thinking brings us into alignment with Divine Mind and Creation. We are never separate from Source the gift of true abundance it there for each of us we must only embrace it.

In these difficult times keep a good thought endeavor to be Happy, and use your thoughts to stay positive. Use the power of your intention to recreate and create a better Life for yourself. It may sound trite but anything is possible if you practice positive thinking and believe it.

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