Cultivating Happiness

Happiness is the result of what you cultivate within you. This lock-down we are experiencing is bringing about deep introspection within most of us and we are asking questions we scarce have answers for.  We as a species are beginning to realize the pursuit of happiness is an internal journey and the most fundamentally important thing in all our lives. We are spending more time in self reflection and reconnecting with the inner spirit. The big question why has this happened is leading to other questions and through this an essential truth has surfaced within most of us. The pursuit of materialism will never make you happy. Material things can certainly add to your Happiness but they can never really make you Happy. 

Have you ever known of someone with so much money that they lived a life of emotional poverty? How many mega wealthy people have taken their lives in despair? The loneliness and lack of emotional connection left them without hope of ever attaining true friendship or a loving partnership. Many of these sad people spent their lives seeking love in a milieu of materialism only coming up empty. They were looking for the right thing in the wrong place.      

Life was meant to be abundant on all levels. Why is it that so many quote unquote spiritual people are sick and broke? Just like why are so many people with money lonely and unhappy? Living in the joy of life means embracing, declaring and attracting all things to you that encompass that word Abundant; love, robust health, prosperity there is no trade off one does not cancel out the other creation intended us to have all things that make us Happy.

Looking around in all corners of the globe we can observe nature. Especially during this lock-down we see nature left to its own divine plan never struggles. The forests grow, the air is cleaner, the wild animals roam our streets feeling safe and content because we are not there to disrupt and endanger them. Nature in its perfect balance left unhindered functions without effort, worry or strain. The most sacred truth mankind will ever embrace is to accept we are interconnected with all creation and not apart from it.     

The Bible says the birds of the air toil not for God feeds them. The Universe is on tap ready to provide us with not only what we need but what we want. Allowing yourself to receive all that Creation intends for you has everything to do with believing you deserve all the wonderful gifts meant for you. If you can’t embrace being worthy, receiving God’s abundance is going to be pretty difficult. Remember as you believe so is it, a negative mind set especially when it comes to yourself is a sure fire way to remain without. Gratitude even for the little things boosts the positive attraction that creates a parallel. This parallel brings you back all the good things you so desire and in so doing allows the Universe to function at its highest capacity providing your life all that is for your highest good.

Allowing yourself to be Happy has a lot to do with being in the moment

Allowing yourself to be Happy has a lot to do with being in the moment or as Eckhart Tolle calls it The Now. If you can’t see it, feel it, touch it, and taste it, or be grateful for it right now, there is a great likelihood you will never have it. Projecting your life’s wants and desires into a future that may never come does just that push it into the future and ultimately the future ends up being today. The honest truth is the future is always right now, so understand if you want a happy life, a good job, a loving partner it is not in the future you will find these things it is in today.  Choosing to be Happy gives you an edge on life’s blessings why? Because feeling good always but always gives you back more of the same.  Choosing to feel joy and participating in the gratitude of life plants the seeds of your intention which when empowered by gratitude and positive visualization insure you achieve your heart’s desire.

Attitude is everything with the right frame of mind the impossible can be achieved. Visualising what you want and empowering that desire with positive feeling kicks your intention into high gear.  I know this to be true because I have done it. Being Happy about what you want and knowing it is there sets the materialisation process into motion and the thing you want comes to pass, and sometimes at an amazing speed. 

To have unwavering faith is to know it has already happened. Know it is possible for you. Know you deserve it. And above all else allow yourself the feelings of Happiness at already having received it.

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