Believing You Deserve Abundance

Do you live your life in a conscious state? Are you truly aware of what is going on inside you or do you ignore the things around you and anaesthetise yourself with too much TV, too many computer games, too much food, alcohol or recreational drugs? Do you go to church every Sunday yet have no real love for yourself, or your fellow man? Are you awake enough to understand that life is one thing; it is the sum total of what you make it, nothing more nothing less.

Every thought you think is a creation

Every thought you think is a creation, every intention you set forth defines what your life will be, and no one else is responsible for you or what you ultimately become. The hard truth is, it is all up to you every bit of it is you.

When you pray what do you ask the Creator to give you? Do you pray for one thing, and then think another? Do you ask God for a loving partner, and yet hold unloving thoughts toward yourself? Do you pray for a new house or car, yet inherently believe you will never have it? How can the Universe give you abundance when you cannot give it to yourself?  When you send out thoughts of lack denying yourself the abundance of Life you deny Creation the possibility to give it to you. You then become stuck in a negative pattern of wanting better, but not thinking better, thereby, creating a cycle of wishful thinking and denial.  If you can’t hold what you want in your mind, and truly believe you deserve it you will never have it.

Believing you deserve abundance is the first step to receiving what you want out of life.

Believing you deserve abundance is the first step to receiving what you want out of life. When you question your own worth, and feel badly about yourself you will create more feelings of worthlessness guaranteed. Allowing yourself the luxury of believing in your own self worth is absolutely imperative if you want a better life. Believing in yourself and what you want is the first step to getting it.

Wealth and abundance is not just referring to money. Have you ever known anyone who was so poor all they had was money? Creating abundance on all levels with balance is the key to a Happy Life. This is why making friends with yourself on every level is so important; becoming happy and content with you is the pathway to materialising the balanced happy life that you want. As it is above so is it below as it is within so is it outwardly, Life is internal. What you are thinking you are creating and manifesting, and when you put a passionate charge behind those thoughts, it happens even faster. 

Use your mind and the power within you to make your life successful, abundant and joyful. Constantly thinking about what you don’t want to happen is a sinister rut that leads to failure and despair.   The longer old hurts, trauma and anger go unsettled the more they fester within, and this creates a cycle of history repeating itself. Resentment and anger left to fester spawn terrible malice and this destructive emotion leads to mental and physical illness. When we become so clouded with these menacing emotions we forget who we truly are, this is when the possibility of substance abuse, abusive partnerships and self abuse becomes a real danger.

To understand the creative power of your mind and how your emotions fuel your thoughts is so necessary. If your thoughts are corrupted by resentment what chance do you actually have of creating a better you? Prayer and meditation are wonderful practices to assist in creating and understanding your own natural flow. If you are feeling stuck and depressed this is where counselling and therapy can help. Finding a good therapist to help you work through your resentment and anger can help you facilitate healing at a much quicker pace. Ignoring depression and addiction of any kind will not heal it. The disturbing truth is those who need psychological help, and refuse to find it are running in an endless circle. What you resist persists that is a Universal Law which applies to all of us. Refusing to work through past trauma could see you repeating history and that is a disturbing thought.

If you want a happy life, bring the past in order and clear the cobwebs from your mind, embrace all parts of yourself and become conscious of your own power. Remember, the darkness inside only becomes evil when you refuse to turn the light on, bring those parts of yourself that threaten you out of the shadows, and give yourself the chance to heal.  Never forget you are God’s magnificent creation and he has prepared many mansions for you.

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