For The Love of Children

The Bible says the wages of sin is death! What does that mean exactly and what is a sin? Do most of us live under the misguided assumption that there is only evil in the deed, or is it not true there is as much evil in the thought? You see the beginning of all evil is in thought for without the thought we are never lead to the deed. The cause of all action begins with thought be it for good or evil there is no deed without the intention that thought creates. Do you turn away and ignore the evil around you justifying yourself by saying this is not My Problemā€? That attitude in itself that one thought of indifference is a great evil for when ā€œgood peopleā€ ignore cruelty and abuse and do nothing they are most decidedly doing something.

Thousands of Children all over the World are beaten, starved and murdered by their primary caregivers while social services and law enforcement are completely ineffectual at enforcing the laws that protect children. Most cases of child neglect and infant murder go unreported and under-detected through concealment by the families and the silence of their neighbors. In most cases of homicide involving children in the African states there is no cooperation between the police, social services, and pathology, therefore, there is no real mechanism for detecting the true statistics of such cases, and in end affect little chance of protecting those children from abuse or the risk of being killed through violence. In South Africa alone 41% of all rape reported involves children.

The abuse of children is in pandemic proportion all over the world. Violence against children is not limited to the third world alone, in fact, quite the opposite. Some of the most horrific acts of violence against children and infants took place in the United States and the United Kingdom. Where are the social fail-safes to protect these poor children, toddlers, and infants against such heinous acts of cruelty, torture, and murder; clearly and absolutely the system is failing; the lawmakers are failing, and society is failing.  A man in the UK was convicted of the triple murder of three young children the prison authorities and psychologist working with them deemed this man once again fit to live among society after only serving 45 years of a life sentence. This man murdered and then mutilated the bodies of three young children after which he proceeded to hang them on a metal fence. Clearly, this manā€™s release is a gross miscarriage of justice no child will ever be safe around such a person!

“Children of poverty-stricken single Mothers are especially at risk”

Statistics show that child abuse and homicide are especially prevalent in low to middle-income families where there is alcoholism or drug abuse. Economic struggles, mental illness, and single parenthood are also reported as contributing factors to this horrific social sickness. Children of poverty-stricken single Mothers are especially at risk according to statistics, but sadly child abuse is not exclusive to the realm of the poor; many children of well educated upper class families also experience horrendous abuse. Child abuse is definitely not exclusive to class. We live in a society where child rape is rife and seldom reported where children are beaten and neglected everyday and it is never reported. The world statistics show that most of the child fatalities from neglect are less than 3 years of age. In the United States alone 75% of all child abuse victims die of neglect and nearly half who die of physical violence are under the age of 1 year. 

In most countries social services are over burdened with cases and are pathetically under staffed; therefore the ability to protect children especially children under the age of 5 years is especially difficult. World society needs to take a more stringent look at their laws in regards to child abuse and murder, and spend more of the tax payerā€™s money on Social Services. School teachers and social workers are ranked among the worst paying professions in the civilised world, and yet what these professionals can potentially provide for our children is of paramount importance.   

Thoughts have power they perpetuate the resonance and vibration of our lives and contribute to the overall frequency of our World; for you see every thought we think is a creation.  When we understand that all children are our responsibility, when we can grasp the undeniable fact that all cruelty must be stopped no matter who be the perpetrator we come one step closer to making this World, our World, a better place.

The childā€™s protection act of Swaziland states that all children in Swaziland deserved to be cared for and protected from harm and to grow up in a safe environment in which their rights and needs are respected.

Let us all remember how important our children are, and how vital it is to do all we can to protect them. The children of this World are the promise of all our tomorrows and the hope of this World.  

God bless you and enjoy your day!

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