Releasing the Past

Releasing a traumatic hurtful past is one of the most difficult things for anyone to do. This is especially so when people you trusted deliberately or maliciously have hurt or offended you. The subconscious has a way of holding unpleasant memories and recalling them when anything similar transpires. It is a bit like being on a psychological Merry-go-Round; one just keeps going round and round it is very difficult to get off.

“we attract back to us the very thing that traumatised us”

The problem with trauma is the emotional charge behind a traumatic event is so strong that unless we are able to heal and release it we tend to attract by vibration similar circumstances, events and people into our lives. In other words, we attract back to us the very thing that traumatised us in the
first place; a similar partner or job a nasty boss whatever we are resisting will persist like an unsolved riddle that needs to be answered. Until the subconscious is satisfied that past issues have been settled we will revisit similar circumstances and people time and again whether we consciously want it or not. Why you ask because by way of vibrational frequency that is what we are attracting. This is a Universe that works through vibration and attraction like will always attract like. If you are resentful and angry you will always attract it back to you every time no exceptions.

“memory holds energy whether that energy is positive or negative”

Whenever we stay connected to the past in a negative way it energetically keeps us tied. This is especially so when we are caught up in resentment toward another individual with whom we share an especially negative past. These events, words, and happenings go into memory and memory holds energy whether that energy is positive or negative we respond to it in accordance with our feelings. When memory is highly charged we can react to it like it happened yesterday, and when that remembrance is particularly negative it can be shattering. No matter who has hurt you in the past in order to be rid of them it is necessary to rid yourself of the anger and resentment you harbor toward them. Cooking your anger too hot and projecting it onto someone else takes a great deal of power. This is the power you can best spend creating a better life for yourself. Giving refuge to negative emotions only robs you of your joy and leads to unhappiness. Be it an ex-spouse family member or ex-friend it is necessary to leave judgment to God. Whoever hurt you in the past bless them and dismiss them allow that destructive memory to go into the light, and get on with your Life.

Choosing to move on from a hurtful past can be really difficult especially for those of us who have a tendency to hold onto things. To want justice for past injuries I believe is a normal reaction for most of us. This world is made up of human beings, not Saints when someone kicks you your first reaction
is to kick them back. However, when one has injured your emotions badly especially over a longer period of time it gets a lot more complicated and much harder to resolve within. This is where Psychotherapy, Life Coaching or Guidance Counselling can help. If you have a past dispute with someone make peace with that person if at all possible for your own sake, not for theirs. Forgiveness is all about you and releasing yourself from the chains of negativity that shackle you to an unhealthy past. The person who benefits from forgiveness is always you. To forgive someone fully who has really hurt you is to enjoy the freedom of never again feeling angry or reactive when you think of them. To forgive is understanding that what they did to you can never rob you of your vital force ever again. True forgiveness or detachment is to forego and release all that no longer serves you. When we can realise that letting go of a grudge, bitterness, and revenge is no sacrifice it is, in fact, a blessing we have made huge strides toward healing a traumatic past.

“love those who despitefully use you.”

Healing always has to do with self-healing. Releasing resentment and anger can be a long process depending on the depth of the injury. This is where the willingness to let go and heal comes in. Why do bad things happen to good people that I really can’t answer I only know they do. I do however know this it is in your hands how you process, react and ultimately release your past. Prayer and meditation can be of great assistance in the process of forgiveness. Remember what Jesus said, “love those who despitefully use you.” Why would a Great Master advise us to love and forgive our enemies? Because when we love ourselves enough to forgive our enemies we set ourselves free of any darkness that abuse and cruelty can bring into our lives. To take the Higher Road isn’t easy. The road to forgiveness is narrow and can be rocky because it first requires self-exploration and self-forgiveness, but when you can pass through the darkness of anger and resentment at the end of that road is the Sun on your face, sweet clean air, and the limitless blessings of Divine Light.

God bless you and enjoy your day!

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